One Day…Two Castles

One day…Two castles

First stop is Peles Castle, one of the most beautiful structure in Europa. This was the summer residence of King Carol I and from 1953 was declared museum.

On your visit inside the castle you will have local guide to help understanding the beauty of the place.

After a break of one hour and a 50 km road we arrive at Bran Castle known all around the world as The Castle of Dracula.

Some parts of the famous movie “Interview with the vampire” from 1994 were filmed right inside the castle. You will find out that everything about the surroundings is giving you the atmosphere of mystery.

Final stop is Brasov.

The Black Church of Brasov is the most eastern Gothic cathedral in Europe, and one of the biggest. Here you will have two hours break for lunch.

If there is a friendly weather you can take advantage of fresh air. After charging your battery we will return to city round 7 pm.

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